Improve Forest Conditions For All Recreational Activity Users

Accomplishments and on-going work:

  • Pick up, haul away debris and restore damaged areas.  The majority of items picked up are bullet riddled target debris, firearm ejected casings, ammunition boxes plus target shooter obvious trash such as beer and liquor cans/bottles, variety of food and drug containers.

  • Monitor and stop target shooters illegally firing without a backstop or using tree/vegetation attached targets.

  • We encounter and stop too many shooters illegally using incendiary/toxic targets, shooting toward tributaries, roads, campsites, trails, and our communities.

  • Manage Forest Service posted no shooting locations that are unsafe.

  • Educate recreational target shooters, direct them to safe shooting locations and advocate for improvements/additional use locations.

  • Promote and increase forest user understanding of the public safety risk, environmental health and the impact to local economy.

  • Respect the land and all recreational users that do no harm to the environment.

  • Keep it Safe - Keep it Legal:  Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Support public land improvement projects that are based on scientific principles and comply with environmental laws.

  • We are all unpaid volunteers using personal funds to cover necessary material, supplies, surveillance equipment, tools and often dump fees.