Be like a responsible hunter.

Get firearm training! Prevent destruction of public land and safety conflicts with other forest users.

Knowledge and skills are necessary for anyone target shooting in multi-use public forest land.

  • Always recreational target shoot firing at a solid earthen backstop and know what lies between you, the target and beyond.
  • Open container(s) of alcohol and using drugs while discharging a firearm is prohibited.
  • Only shoot bio-degradable targets.
  • It is illegal to shoot at stumps, vegetation, household appliances, electronic devices, glass, pressurized containers or any type of exploding target.
  • Chemical tannerite and tracer rounds are absolutely illegal on Forest Service land.
  • Shooting across or along roads, any body of water, trails, campsites and designated parking areas is prohibited.
  • Signs, buildings and kiosks are not legal targets.
  • Pick-up and haul out all target debris and casings.  Using a tarp to catch casings makes pick-up and haul away easy. 
  • Do your part by modeling appropriate behavior, leaving the area better than you found it.
Hooyah! Responsible Target Shooters