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Greenwater Community Aids Criminal Arrest

January 14, 2020 Tuesday afternoon in the FS 70 corridor, four Pierce County Deputies arrested Jeremy Olson. The warrants on him were for residential burglary, assault and drugs. A detective described him as violent, dangerous and that he had been in prison 20 years for 2nd degree murder. Olson's residential burglary usually at night. His stealing gasoline containers, siphoning and/or drilling a hole in vehicle gas tanks typical. Reference 1st photo of him in this post.

Olson's arrest could not have happened without deliberate actions by a handful of Greenwater residents. For a couple months White River Forest Protection Association (FPA) volunteers emailed photos and descriptions to the Forest Service (USFS). Multiple written and verbal communications from White River FPA to USFS were provided about four suspicious characters illegally camping, tree felling and the discovery of dumped, likely stolen items.

A responsible quick acting Greenwater Store employee posted information from a visiting detective about Olson on Facebook. In the evening same day, Crystal River Ranch caretaker communicated his identification of Olson in the FS 70 corridor. Next morning White River FPA volunteers also identified Olson and were monitoring him in the FS 70 corridor. Sheriff was notified from the Greenwater Store, four deputies arrived and they were taken to the likely FS 70 locations to find him.

Hopefully Jeremy Olson's arrest will reduce future burglaries in the Greenwater SR 410 corridor.

White River FPA volunteers will continue insisting USFS evict the remaining three illegal camping characters.

The following received from Martie Schramm, Snoqualmie District Ranger, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest Email:

"On behalf of the Forest Service, I apologize to your community for having to put up with this situation and for being on edge due to undesirable individuals living on the Forest and law enforcement officers ignoring the situation. Thank you for all of the good work you have done to try to keep the area safe and clean!"

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