Recreational Target Shooting

The majority of hunters and their permitted activity is not the problem!  Unsafe and illegal target shooting across the U.S. is decimating public forest land.  It is an escalating public safety risk.  It is the source of environmental destruction in countless public forest locations that is costly, time consuming, wastes resources and most often restoration is impossible.

We support recreational target shooting activity provided:

  • Every firearm discharge is in a safe designated location into an earthen bullet catching backstop.

  • Bio-degradable only: No incendiary targets such as pressurized cans, propane tanks, tannerite, no glass, no tvs, or any manufactured device/appliance used as a target.

  • Every target shooter must pick-up and haul away all their bullet riddled loose debris including shell casings.

We promote a required USFS free recreational shooting permit.  Every target shooter in a short form application will acknowledge they have read and will fully comply with local, state and USFS safe/legal firearm use.

Often, every day on USFS public land in the SR 410 Greenwater area irresponsible destructive shooters outnumber safe responsible target shooters.

We hope target shooting bad behavior can be changed.  Responsible target shooters need to be involved, boots on the ground and active working on solutions.  The target shooting problem affects all forest users regarding safety, enjoyment and access.

Some of Our Volunteers

An easy volunteer task is simply driving along FS 70, FS 72 or FS 73 checking for graffiti tagging, or observing if any of the posted USFS signs are damaged and let us know location.


Wendy 206-93zero-7661

Chris 360-720-four899

Get involved helping us "Keep it safe, keep it legal".

Keep it safe.  Keep it legal.